H.A.L.O. EducationalSystems, LLC- New England

HALO Core Training Topics
Program Trainings are uniquely designed. We build, modify and suggest ideas for interested Businesses/Agencies/Departments/Government/Military needs.

To Pause and Protect- (Military, (SOF) Special Operating Force, Police, FBI, Government Entity Audiences) Learn How to Do a Tough Job Better and Come Home Happier. (MBSR) Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Practice. Empower the Leader From With In- Be Inspired and encouraged to grow as a leader. This Highly interactive Leadership Skills program explores exemplary leaders and empowers you to develop your Leadership Attributes.


Leadership Advantage- Learn how to grow your influence. Leading from the middle and learning how to enhance your 360’ degree impact.

Drugs and Behavior- The effects of psychoactive drug use on the brain and behavior. Understand the human behavior change in a biological and social context.


Communications- Practical exercises and tools that will increase your ability to identify the modalities of communication and convey information effectively in writing and speaking skills.

HALO Educational Systems, LLC  registered with CCR.gov.   Our company’s Reps. and Certs. can be found on the ORCA bpn.gov website.

·  Trainings can be condensed into workshops to suit population needs of schools and communities.

·   Aspects of our trainings can include psychological assessments and prominent guest speakers.

·   Some of the trainings are designed as courses and have been awarded college created from Norwich University, Northfield, VT.

Lie To Me- Explore basic profiling techniques. (Korem system practice).

Lidar Technology- (Military, (SOF) Special Operating Force, Police, FBI, Government Entity Audiences) Explore geospatial technology, methods of the generation and Terrain Analysis utilizing the Observation, Orientation, Decision and Action (OODA) Loop. (Applied Imagery's Quick Terrain Modeler)

Working With Trauma- From the adolescent to the (OEF) Operation Enduring Freedom, (OIF), (OND) or mission related returning veterans with suspected PTSD. Learn the signs and how to respond verses react.

Perception & Sensory- Easy format to understand brain responses, physical and mental activities that increase sensory information available to consciousness. Promote a wider use of sensory techniques to decrease time in task, Improve movement, orientation and situational awareness.

(PMI) Program Management Improvement- Develop interpersonal and group-working skills; develop an understanding of responsible risk management; inculcate sustainable value creation based on environmental, social, cultural and governance which impacts your business or agency.

Responding to Critical Incidence- Create or enhance a Behavioral Health Plan for Schools and Communities.

Beyond Anger Management- Individual access to identifying your primary and most important personality characteristics and the traits of others that are used in negotiations.

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