Suicide Prevention & Intervention

"Knowing How to Make a Difference"

Connect Suicide Prevention/Intervention Training increases the capacity of professionals and communities to prevent suicide across the lifespan.  Connect uses a public health approach and incorporates key elements of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy.  Applying a unique  holistic model and offering a community planning component,  Connect stands apart from other training programs. 

Connects’ curriculum includes how to identify suicide warning signs and intervene with a person at risk.  Building on that foundation, Connect focuses on the community as a whole and how to work across systems to build a safety net for people at risk.  A second day optimizes the training by facilitating the development of a suicide prevention plan in the context of the community's resources and culture. More than "just training", Connect fosters relationship building and the exchange of resources among participants.  Prior to the training, Connect staff work with the host agency to identify local cultural or other issues. Connect has developed protocols for educators, community members, faith leaders, hospital emergency departments, law enforcement, mental health and substance abuse providers, military, primary care providers, and social services.