Barbara Roderick


Barbara Roderick, LADC

 Barbara comes to us from a Colorado where she spent most of her career  in the legal field.  Originally, she spent 10 years in social work  assisting with sexual assault and domestic violence victims through the  criminal justice system working for the District Attorney’s office,  where she worked as a Victim Assistant specialist.  After 10 years she  transitioned into the probation department and began managing offenders  as a probation officer.   In the probation department she primarily  worked with dual diagnosis offenders with addiction for 12 years.  In  2018 she made the move to the Upper Valley New Hampshire/Vermont and  received her Licensed Drug and Alcohol license in New Hampshire.  Her  current goal is to receive her licensure in Vermont.  She encourages  self-awareness, mindfulness and compassion.  She is certified in the  “Strategies for Self-Improvement and Change”, which is a CBT model which  she has introduced to the probation and parole department in New  Hampshire.  She can meet the client where they are at in their recovery  and is educated and experienced in addictions and would be pleased to  help anyone find their motivation for recovery.