Courtney Vorachak


Courtney Vorachak, CRSW

Courtney Vorachak grew up in the Upper Valley/Lakes Region and began her  career as a Peer Coach in middle school. Upon graduating from high  school, she expanded her commitment to helping others by pursuing  nursing education and providing outreach as a Home Health Aid. As the  demand for substance use education and intervention services has grown  in the past decade, Courtney’s focus shifted to Peer Recovery Coaching  to help others in the community. A Recovery Coach is defined as anyone  interested in promoting recovery by removing barriers and obstacles to  recovery and serving as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking  or already in recovery.   Recovery Coaches have been trained through the  Recovery Coach Academy. This training allows Courtney to assist clients  with skills needed to access services and supports that will maintain  and sustain recovery.  In addition to providing one on one Home Health  and Recovery Coach Services, Courtney facilitates CCAR courses in the  community on a regular basis, that is when she is not working at our  local Hospital Emergency Room helping others there. Her willingness to  be of assistance to the community is unparalleled.